Rudram 2012 material

Rudram 2012 material

This project was officially concluded with the Pilgrimage to Prashanti Nilayam, India in October 2012.

Short exposition

Download short exposition of Sri Rudram in one of the translated languages below.

Language Download
English Sri-Rudram-Exposition-EN.pdf
Croatian Sri-Rudram-Exposition-HR.pdf
Dutch Sri-Rudram-Exposition-NL.pdf
German Sri-Rudram-Exposition-DE.pdf
Hungarian Sri-Rudram-Exposition-HU.pdf
Slovene Sri-Rudram-Exposition-SI.pdf

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Devanagari, transliteration and translation text

Sri Rudram devanagari, transliteration and English translation with additional commentaries by Dr. R.L. Kashyap from SAKSI (Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture), Bangalore, India. Also includes a text with phonetic changes of anusvara and visarga.


Learning material

Text Audio ITRANS
Anuvakam 1 Anuvakam 1 Text Anuvakam 1 Audio Anuvakam 1 ITRANS
Anuvakam 2 Anuvakam 2 Text Anuvakam 2 Audio Anuvakam 2 ITRANS
Anuvakam 3 Anuvakam 3 Text Anuvakam 3 Audio Anuvakam 3 ITRANS
Anuvakam 4 Anuvakam 4 Text Anuvakam 4 Audio Anuvakam 4 ITRANS
Anuvakam 5 Anuvakam 5 Text Anuvakam 5 Audio Anuvakam 5 ITRANS
Anuvakam 6 Anuvakam 6 Text Anuvakam 6 Audio Anuvakam 6 ITRANS
Anuvakam 7 Anuvakam 7 Text Anuvakam 7 Audio Anuvakam 7 ITRANS
Anuvakam 8 Anuvakam 8 Text Anuvakam 8 Audio Anuvakam 8 ITRANS
Anuvakam 9 Anuvakam 9 Text Anuvakam 9 Audio Anuvakam 9 ITRANS
Anuvakam 10 Anuvakam 10 Text Anuvakam 10 Audio Anuvakam 10 ITRANS
Anuvakam 11 Anuvakam 11 Text Anuvakam 11 Audio Anuvakam 11 ITRANS
Supplement Supplement Text Supplement Audio Supplement ITRANS
Anuvakam 1-11 Anuvakam 1-11 Text Anuvakam 1-11 Audio

The basis of this learning text is the Sri Rudram class conducted by the students of Bhagawan in Prashanti Nilayam in the immediate presence of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba. All audio files are copyright of Radio Sai Global Harmony.

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