Camakam 2013 overview

Camakam 2013 overview

This project was officially concluded with the Camakam 6st - 11th Anuvaka workshop in Munich, Germany.

Camakam, which is traditionaly recited after Sri Rudram, occurs in Krishna Yajurveda (4.7). As per the commentators, the recitation of Sri Rudram hymn introduces new energies into our bodies and by recitation of Camakam we achieve all round perfection. Thus Camakam is also termed as the showering of the riches of various vital and mental powers.

Similarly to the Rudram 2012 project, Veda Union is proposing an initiative that aims at uniting Veda chanting groups and organizations in Europe through collective chanting of Camakam hymn. The role of Veda Union is to organize and guide this Pan-European effort.

Short term goals (2013)

  • Promote learning of Camakam which should be completed by the year 2013 as outlined in the Camakam 2013 timeline.
  • Connect and guide local Veda groups during the learning period.
  • Organize workshops to align learning and chanting process.

Long term goals (2014 and beyond)

  • Unite Europe by organizing collective chanting of Sri Rudram (chanting Namakam for 11 times with one Chamakam) in different locations throughout Europe.

To join Veda Union and Camakam 2013 project please write to