Veda Union network

Veda Union does not impose any restrictions based on the race, religion, country, language, nationality or organization, to Veda chanting groups to join the Veda Union network and participate in its projects, since promoting unity through the Vedas is our primary goal.

The only two qualifications are:

  • The group should originate from a country on the European continent.
  • Group members should cultivate love and reverence towards the Vedas.

To join the Veda Union network please write to

Veda Union groups and organizations

Country Group or organization Details Veda classes
Croatia Družba "Zvuk Veda" - Sound of Veda Fellowship YIDL, Berislavićeva 12
10 000 Zagreb
Every Friday
17h - 20h
Czech Republic Sai Narayana Veda Sangha Prague
Every Thursday
16:50h - 18:00h
Germany Veda group from Munich Munchen
Please contact Mrs. Hildebrandt for more details
Italy Sathya Sai Anandam Via del Bigolo
206 - Padova
Every first Sunday in a month
15:30h - 17:00h
Hungary Vedamata Jyoti 1143 Budapest Stefánia út 75
13-as gate bell, -1. floor
Every Tuesday 18:00h - 19:30h
Russia White Lotos Veda group Krasnodonysev st, 26A-92
Cherepovets city
Vologda region
Every Saturday
18h - 20h
Serbia Lotos Donja Tisina obala 19/A
24400 Senta
Every Thursday
18h - 19:30h
Slovenia Gopuram, Institute for Vedic culture Krivec 47
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Every Tuesday
19h - 20:30h