About Veda Union


Veda Union is a network which seeks to unite all European Veda chanting groups, no matter of their country of origin, language or religion, under one mother organization. European Union has united in political, monetary, as well as other secular areas. Veda Union seeks to unite Europe on spiritual level promoting unity, love and peace among all through teachings of the Vedas and recitation of sacred Vedic hymns.

The idea of Veda Union is to provide connections between different Veda chanting groups and organizations throughout Europe, promote and coordinate pan European or local projects, stimulate local activities of the groups and provide help and guidance to local organizations. As the name denotes, the union of mankind through the Veda is its primary goal.

Veda Union was founded by Vojko Kercan from Slovenia and Branimir Gonan from Croatia.

The project has officialy started after Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba accepted the letter of Veda Union founders.


Activities of Veda Union are:

  • Establishing connections between Veda chanting groups and organizations in Europe.
  • Providing help and guidance to local groups and organizations by publishing written and audio materials.
  • Promoting study programmes and curriculums based on the ancient way of learning the Veda mantras.
  • Organizing periodical workshops on the importance of the Veda and Veda chanting.
  • Establishing connections with qualified Veda teachers and seek their guidance and help.
  • Promoting and coordinating pan European or local projects.
  • Promoting public lectures and appearances of local groups and organizations in public.
  • Promoting study of Sanskrit language and ancient Vedic texts.

The first project to be undertaken by Veda Union is Rudram 2012.