Rudram 2012 overview

Rudram 2012 overview

This project was officially concluded with the Pilgrimage to Prashanti Nilayam, India in October 2012.

Sri Rudram or Namakam hymn occurs in Krishna Yajurveda (4.5) and is one of the most magnificent hymns from the Vedas. The purpose of this hymn is to instil into the minds of people the greater, profounder knowledge of the fact that God is immanent in every speck of space, in every unit of time, in every nook and corner and in every particle of creation. Chanting or mere listening of this wonders hymn brings numerous benefits.

Veda Union proposed an initiative that aimed at uniting Veda chanting groups and organizations in Europe through collective chanting of Sri Rudram. The role of Veda Union was to organize and guide this Pan-European effort.

Short term goals (2010-2012)

  • Promote learning of Sri Rudram which should be completed by the year 2012 as outlined in the Rudram 2012 timeline.
  • Connect and guide local Veda groups during the learning period.
  • Organize workshops to align learning and chanting process.

Long term goals (2012 and beyond)

  • Unite Europe by organizing collective chanting of Sri Rudram (chanting Namakam for 11 times with one Chamakam) in different locations throughout Europe.