Sri Rudram 9th - 10th Anuvaka workshop (1st of October 2011); Prague, Czech Republic

After the first workshop in Zagreb, Croatia, which covered the 1st Anuvaka, the second workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which covered 2nd to 4th Anuvaka, the third workshop in Budapest, Hungary, which covered 5th to 8th Anuvaka, this workshop which covered 9th and 10th Anuvaka of Sri Rudram was held in the beautiful old city of Prague, Czech Republic on the 1st of October 2011 and organized by Sai Narayana Veda Sangha group (part of Veda Union network).

The workshop was very well attended with groups from Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia making a 90 people strong gathering.

The registration and a welcome breakfast started at 9h on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Registration desk

Deliciously prepared breakfast for the attendees

Before the official start of the workshop, attendees were merged in mutual conversation and heartily greetings with their friends and close ones, remembering their last meet on past Veda Union events. Still some resorted to meditation to derive the best of the upcoming programme.

Remembering previous events

Discussing about Sanskrit

Rapt in meditation

Since punctuality is an important virtue to be followed, the sacred mantra OM was chanted at exactly 10h which marked the official start of the workshop, followed by the opening prayers. Michael Blažej who was leading a team of local organizers, welcomed everybody to this Veda Union event in fluent Sanskrit. With much joy he continued in English and in Czech language. The second speaker of the day was Vojko Kercan, co-founder of Veda Union, which highlighted the importance of Veda chanting, its significance and responsibility which lies ahead of all who undertake this practice. Further he mentioned the exposure which was received by Veda Union in the past months and thanked everybody for their support.

Michael during the speech

Listening with attention

Vojko delivering his address

Morning part of the workshop was spent in reviewing the 9th and 10th anuvaka of Sri Rudram. In great detail were those two anuvakas reviewed with several repetitions and methods of learning.

Branimir and Vojko leading the class

Class in progress

Exactly at 12h, after a 15 min break, a quick review of anuvakas learned in previous workshop in Budapest, Hungary, followed. Chanting anuvakas from 5th to 10th in unison marked the closure of the first part of the workshop and the start of 1h long lunch break.

Enjoying serving and receiving

Discussing the Vedas with Indian ambassador

The afternoon part of the workshop was spent in revising the anuvakas learned in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia.

Revising anuvakas learned at previous workshops

With much love, enthusiasm and beautiful rendering of the sacred hymns the workshop came to a close with chanting 3 times anuvakas 1 to 10.

Workshop video report

As is already customary on Veda Union events, the workshop was concluded with soulful bhajans rendered by local organizers and distribution of blessed offerings which were kept on the altar during the workshop.

Devotional singing by gents...

...and ladies

With hearts full of gratitude we thank everybody who helped organize this event or participated in any way. We are all looking forward and eagerly anticipating next Sri Rudram workshop for final 11th anuvaka soon.

To see a few video clips of Vedic recitations and bhajans from this and other events please visit: