Rudram 11 - London, United Kingdom (21th of May 2016)

Rudram 11 is a Veda Union project with the goal to organize 11 times continuous chanting of Sri Rudram Camakam hymns at 11 different locations in Europe. These magnificent hymns will thus be chanted overall 121 times in different locations by numerous devotees of God and will spread the sacred vibration throughout European subcontinent.

The sixth of 11 such unique Rudram chanting events was held in London, United Kingdom on Saturday, 21.5.2016.

Lord Ganesha, blessing everybody at the entrance

Beautiful Sai Shiva altar

Mrs. Veena Patel, local organizer, addressing the gathering

Vojko delivering the history of Veda Union

Branimir summarizing the importance of Rudram

Chanting by the gents

Chanting by ladies

Serving with love

Enjoying God's food

Bhajans in full swing

Sai Baba's throne on the altar

Shirdi Sai on the main altar

We wholeheartedly invite you to a sixth Rudram 11 event which will take place in Prague (Czech Republic) on 17th of September 2016.

From the depths of our hearts we thank everybody who helped organize this event or participated in any way. We eagerly anticipate the next Veda Union Rudram 11 event.